Mario Oreggia believes in the power of the universe.

So he lives by his law: give and take. "You can be grateful every day that you're okay. Whereas other people are struggling with illness, hunger or war. For me and my team it is a small matter to give a piece of our success. For others, this little thing means a lot - in part the bare survival, "says Mario Oreggia. "It's a great feeling to be able to give something to other people from your own happiness and to experience how much happiness that can create in other people".

The TOP entrepreneur has looked at several institutions to help others and ultimately chose the Child & Family Foundation. The Child & Family Foundation uses its donations to set up schools so that people can acquire knowledge and ultimately use this knowledge to secure their own survival.

„If you teach someone how to fish instead of giving him a fish, he will be able to survive,“ says Mario Oreggia. This ist he basic idea behind the Child & Family Foundation. His goal is to do more in the community and build more schools.

At a major event in the Schalke Arena ("Veltins Arena"), the book release of the best-seller PAY THE F ** KING PRICE took place in front of 70,000 people. Mario Oreggia collected a sum of 244,000 euros. The official check delivery was celebrated just a few weeks after the event.

Own school project

"The two plaques with my brothers and our family crest are for me a sign of success. I have great gratitude for the support of my family - professionally and personally - and the great gift of being able to receive and experience absolute freedom. I want to see these plaques in many more schools, leaving a legacy that outlasts death, " emphasizes Mario Oreggia.

"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness."


The successful networker reached his personal goal which he set in 2009 already in 2017. He celebrated this success with the establishment of his own school in the circle of many happy children. MANY members of his network organization were already following his example and were able to set up their own schools. As a result, Mario Oreggia and his team are getting closer and closer to their personal mission: Build 100 schools together!

Shortly thereafter, the enthusiasm to do good, has reached the next level and fueled the fire for social engagement.

The duplication that one develops and ultimately expects in network marketing within one's own structure also engages in the social sphere of Mario Oreggia's team. After a short time, the leaders followed his example and set up their own schools.

Mario Oreggia and his executives have donated over 2 million euros to people in need in recent years.

"We rise by lifting others"

The visit to the Philippines in 2010 left Mario Oreggia very touched and equally inspired.

At a school opening, he realized that you can do even more good with a lot of money. The impressions that the land, the people and above all the children left with him, motivated him to give even more.

"People who have nothing were happier than the people at home. The Austrians complain at a very high level. This realization was the trigger for my social commitment."

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