If you want to be the best in your industry today, it is simply impossible without investing in yourself.

Most people are not enthusiastic readers. That's why Mario Oreggia has developed a plan that allows anyone to read the most important books for him at the beginning of his career within a certain period of time. Books everyone needs for their successful business development and personal and professional development.

The goal is to read 12 books in 12 months - starting with the thinnest book, just to start reading and have a sense of achievement right after the first book. True to the motto: one book a month.

Those who invest in themselves and their further education can climb to the top of the ladder of success. For this reason you will find here a starter pack consisting of 12 books and including many more books recommended for your personal advancement to an executive and successful businessman.

As Mario Oreggia often says, "Leadership is not the same as being a leader."

12 months – 12 books

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„If you don’t take your time, you will never have time.“

Mario Oreggia


Mindset & Financial IQ

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